Improve Your Food and Beverage Facility With Epoxy Flooring

an undone concrete floor

Food and beverage facilities are more than often faced by a set of unique challenges for industrial floors. These facilities have to withstand severe impact caused by the extreme temperatures, always wet surrounding, and frequent high-temperature hosing. Floors in these facilities are eaten away by the acids from sugar, vegetable oil, animal fats, and daily products.

an undone factory concrete floor

Other operations in these facilities, such as harsh cleaning and disinfectant containing chemical solvents, also eat away the floor. They also take physical punishments from heavy loaded carts and crates. All these give the facilities floor a reason to wear out. And the challenge doubles when they realize they have to comply with the government standards. It also applies to the sanitary and safety standards of FDA, NSF, EPA, and USDA. 

Industrial epoxy flooring-  a flooring surface with multiple layers applied with a depth of at least two centimeters, should be your solution. Epoxy flooring systems are accurate solutions to food companies.

Types of Epoxy  Flooring

  1. Self-Leveling Epoxy Flooring– an epoxy floor applied over an old, new, damaged, or cracked concrete floors to smoothen, extend lifespan, and level the texture on the floor surface. Besides providing the shiny seamless look, the self-leveling epoxy floor comes with different colors appealing to commercial and industrial space.
  2. Epoxy Mortar Floor– an epoxy floor classified as the most withstanding floor system available for use. It’s made up of pure solid epoxies and graded sand. It’s used on the spaces that require a chemically resistance floor and can withstand significant impacts. Its also used in repairing cracks before applying another type of epoxy floor.
  3. Quartz Filled Epoxy Floors– it’s an epoxy floor made by combining higher performance epoxy polymers resins and stained quartz grains. It’s is mainly used for decorating purposes that need sanitary and slip resistance properties.
  4. Anti Static Epoxy Floors. Static epoxy floors can be hazardous in working place environments. Anti-static Epoxy floors are used in minimizing static hazards in the working area. Anti-static epoxy floor holds back any compound that can conduct static electricity and dissipates it after accumulation. It’s advisable to use it in working spaces that consumes and involves flammable materials.
  5. Epoxy Flake Floors-contains toured flake materials inserted in the epoxy to portray a vibrant look. Additionally, it adds a seamless look and provides any surface with subtle groves to minimize any slip and fall. The epoxy flake floor has a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns that is customizable depending on the space.

Different Industrial Sectors with Different Epoxy Flooring.

  1. Blending and Bottling-it require flexible epoxy flooring and wall systems that withstand heavy traffic from heavy machinery and equipment.
  2. Dairy Processing-epoxy flooring applied should be durable-flooring systems that last long and withstands the aggressive cleaning process needed for the wet and dry manufacturing processes. 
  3. Bakeries– epoxy floor needed here should able to eliminate all risks associated with sugar from corroding the surface.
  4. Freezer and Cold Storage-require a  flooring system that can withstand heavy traffic, extreme temperature, and thermal shocks preventing acids, sugars, and other addictives from destroying the surface.
  5. Snacks Food Processing-epoxy flooring systems that are slip resistance, and keeps processing safe.
  6. Meat and fish processing-require heavy-duty epoxy flooring with extra hygiene protection and high-grade texture, preventing slips, trips, and falls. It resists contamination from blood, grease, and oil. Also, it stands for cleaning methods.

Cost of Epoxy Flooring

There are two costs associated with epoxy flooring. Materials and installation cost. Starting with materials, they can be purchased by a gallon as it begins as a liquid. The content can cost between $30 to $ 150 depending on the volume of the epoxy in the mixture. It means, the more the epoxy, the more expensive the latter is. And now you need to do the installation bit, you can hire a pro but you can still it yourself with kits costing around $600.

Epoxy flooring is challenging- concrete has to be prepared, the solution to be mixed and drying, and the layering process has to be done right. Avoid all messes, as this would mean uneven flooring. Its recommended hiring an experienced contractor to install epoxy. Reach out to us and start your journey to stunning epoxy flooring

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

There are numerous benefits of Installing an epoxy floor in your food and beverage facility. The material and pricing of epoxy flooring are way too cheap. It makes it a secure investment. Epoxy flooring resists stains. If you spill liquid on the floor, it’s easier to clean and maintain. Any mess on the floor, glossy surfaces makes the whole process less stressful.

Epoxy flooring provides a seamless surface where dirt will never accumulate. Epoxy flooring materials are designed such that there are no gaps and spaces dirt and other particulate matter can build up. And for some that might try to build, they are a lot easier to clean as epoxy provides a nonporous surface.

Another benefit of epoxy flooring is the address to the management of microorganisms. Food is a highly perishable thing. Unlike electronics and other mechanical products that last longer, food products last for a couple of months to a couple of years from the day of manufacturing. Food is to spoil, but with epoxy flooring, food manufacturing companies can secure their facility, and the shelf life of their product be lot longer. 

You can find an epoxy floor transformation detailed from one of our manufacturers here:


Epoxy Flooring Services

Honestly, epoxy flooring is not something that many people know how to deal with. It has different types, and this can be confusing to install if you are inexperienced. 

We, at Babylon Epoxy Floors, have been in the industry for quite sometimes, and we know everything revolving around epoxy flooring. We are the best and most trusted company when it comes to epoxy flooring. No job is too big but we do love our residential epoxy garage floors.  We offer flooring services that create a scratch resistance surface to withstand rigorous use for years to come. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and have your epoxy floor done by experts. Get to anticipate unprecedented services in troubleshooting, planning, and installing the right flooring systems for your facilities.



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