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The secret to installing a concrete coating correctly and making it more durable is preparing the surface well. You can’t install a coat on a cracked or damaged concrete floor as the coating will only last for a short period. Make sure to fill any crack or hole on the structure with the correct fillers.

While there are several factors that contribute to how long your epoxy garage flooring will take, our 3 part epoxy garage floors can be installed in 1 day if crack repair is minimal.

The price of installing epoxy floors in garages can range anywhere from $5.50 to $13.00 per square foot. Costs depend on your epoxy choice, Metallic is more expensive than flake and the floor preparation and condition of the floor have to be taken into account. Standard flakes are at the lower end and custom metallic epoxy is at the high end of the spectrum.

It will depend on many factors.


First, if you are to coat the floor of a large building, it will take longer. And again, if the concrete surface is in bad shape and requires extra surface preparation procedures, the period will extend. If the customer requests a customized floor, where you have to use multiple colors and designs, the project will take much longer than anticipated. But for smaller projects, where the surface is in good shape, and no customization is required, the installation will take a maximum of seven days.

Epoxy garage floors are fast because we have such a time tested system but basements, edging, businesses and different floor variations all add time tot he job and installation process.

A concrete coating gives you control of your floor. Most of the concrete coating products like epoxy come in different colors, textures, and patterns, which you can use to customize your floor- just the way you like it. So whether you want a smooth, shiny surface, or a beautiful and attractive floor, concrete coating is the way to go.

Concrete coatings are the most durable coatings on land. However, the lifespan is dependent on factors like maintenance, type of products used, and the amount of traffic the floor receives. If well maintained, epoxy concrete coatings can last for decades. All you have to do is keep your floor clean all the time. And again, use the right products like epoxy to coat your concrete structures to make them more durable. Again, use the help of a professional to install the concrete coating on your floor. This way, you will increase the floor’s life expectancy.


Multiple factors can cause cracks in concrete structures. But the leading cause is shrinkage. This occurs when more water is used in the mix, which later evaporates when the concrete hardens and dries up, causing the concrete to shrink. The slab is then pulled apart by forces within the structure, making it crack. And again, if you do not use control joints when installing the concrete, and when the concrete dries expeditiously, there will be cracks on the surface.


It’s very important to do a concrete hardness test also. Keep in mind most cracks can be repaired but it is a large variable. 

First, you must prepare the surface well by cleaning and removing any dirt or substance that could prevent the overlay from bonding well. Also, any layer on top of the concrete must be removed before placing the overlay. Second, repair any damage or cracks on the surface using a polymer, fabric, or epoxy mortar. Spread the resurfacing material evenly over your concrete and finish with a trowel. Customize the surface by adding any color of your liking and seal it afterward to make the floor resistant. Give it about three days to cure before using the floor. And just like that, you will have resurfaced your concrete floor.

Cracks can be small or extensive. A liquid filler or concrete caulk works magic on small concrete cracks. On the other hand, wide cracks require a concrete patching compound to be filled or repaired. You must prepare the surface well by cleaning and removing any dirt or debris on and around the crack before applying the sealant or filler. Remember, if not filled or sealed well, concrete cracks can reappear.

We have the right skills, knowledge, and experience required to customize your floor up to your desired standards. We also try to offer our services at an affordable rate so that everyone can benefit. We have a schedule that we follow when working on your floor to ensure that no second is lost. Our projects are quick and convenient, which is why most people prefer to work with us – and you should be next on the line.

Concrete staining refers to the use of stains to give your surface an imaginative finish. You will need an acid-based substance and a water-based substance for concrete staining. Acid-based substances are reactive, while water-based substances are non-reactive.

Polished concrete is a high-gloss finish that does not require coatings or waxes. It involves using specialized equipment to grind, hone, and polish the concrete surface to an exceptional finish. A penetrant chemical, also known as a hardener, may be used in this process, which helps to dust-proof and hardens the surface. It takes a minimum of four grinding steps to get polished concrete.


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