Everything You Need to Know About Stained Concrete

Polished floor surfaces

The practice of using stained concrete has been gaining momentum for commercial and residential properties due to its durability, distinctive textures, affordability, seamless appearance, and unlimited design options. Owners of high traffic areas like houses, showrooms, movie theaters, and restaurants, particularly, cherish stained concrete because of their reliability and easy maintenance.

Polished floor surfaces

Properties with heavy stationary objects, including appliance centers and warehouses, also greatly benefit from stained concrete floors. Other than the sturdy and reliable concrete surface, the floor’s eye-catching designs entice more customers to walk into the establishments.  

Top contractors offer several other finish options that will add the value of your residential and commercial property. Stained concrete is just one of them. If you want to discover why stained concrete’s popularity is increasing fast, here is everything you need to know.

Stained Concrete is Versatile

Whether you choose to use acid-based or water-based stain, you will have a wide assortment of color options. The acid-based alternative gives floors translucent and vibrant effects that appear like a marble texture. At the same time, water-based stains give floors a consistent and even color. Moreover, they have more color options than acid options. But if you want elegant effects, such as natural stone or polished marble, that set your stained floor apart, acid-based stains are the most suitable for your needs.

You can also do several things to enhance the quality and appearance of the colors. For example, you are free to apply several multiple stain colors to achieve your desired result. 

If you choose, you can also combine concrete stains and concrete dyes to enhance the color palette further. Besides, if you want to produce artistic patterns and decorative designs, you can use thicker stains.

Stained Concrete is Easy to Maintain

When applying, the floor is sealed to prolong the lifespan of the stain. After a while and with weather exposure and traffic, the stain can wear away. It is advisable to protect your interior floors with an effective application to get the best results. You should repeat the process periodically as needed.  

All you need to do regularly to maintain your properly sealed stained concrete floor is dry dust mop.  

Occasionally, it would be best if you wet mop your stained floor with a neutral-pH cleaner.

Stained Concrete Has Low Cost

The application of stained concrete costs an incredibly little amount of money. Here are the elements that determine the exact cost of the service:

  • The complexity of the application
  • Requirements for the surface preparation
  • Size of the area of application

These factors influence the cost. However, if you consider the cost of various finish options, you find that stained concrete remains one of the most affordable. A basic one-coat application will cost you a few dollars per square foot. Multi-colored coats or stained floors with unique design features can cost you three or four times more. But what you get in return makes the investment worthwhile.

Stained Concrete Colors are Long-Lasting

The best contractors often seal the concrete floor to protect the floor and the color. However, that is more of a mitigating measure than the indication that the colors are not durable. The stain is designed to last for long. If you take proper care of the floor, it might never fade, flake, chip, or peel.  

Whenever the stain is applied correctly to a clean or prepped concrete, it immediately begins to penetrate below the floor’s surface. This way, it makes a durable, vibrant color that gives the floor an outstanding appearance. Heavy foot traffic or weather cannot remove the color with ease. For this reason, you may take several years before noticing the need to reapply the stain. Better still, stained concrete always appears new with minimal care.

Some Factors Can Influence the Final Result

You might have heard some people claim that stained concrete gives poor results. Many others also think to the contrary. The fact is that the stains are serving the needs of many owners of commercial and residential properties.

Here are the factors that often influence how concrete surfaces react to the staining process and impact the result that you get.

Age of the Concrete

The concrete that you use will determine the final result in a significant way. Often, older concrete does not give the best result. Some of them have a history of coatings, sealers, glue, or spills that prevent the stain from evenly penetrating the floor.

Type of the Concrete

If you use an acid-based stain, it will create a translucent marbling effect. This happens since the stains often penetrate and react with the core components of the concrete.

With a water-based stain, you get a more consistent color. These stains never chemically react with the composition of the concrete. Instead, the stains fill the pores on the surface. Other than that, water-based stains have a limited amount of dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The expertise of the Contractor

The quality of your stained concrete also depends on the competence of your contractor. Installing these floors is not a simple job that anyone can do.

Stained Concrete Flooring is Not Perfect

Like other things on earth, stained concrete has some cons that you need to know. Here are these demerits:

The floor may feel cold and hard underfoot: It is often not comfortable to stand on these floors for long periods, especially if you are barefooted.

  • Can shatter your dropped glassware
  • It takes relatively long to install quality stained concrete floors
  • You need to cure concrete slabs in new homes before applying the stains
  • Custom-detailed stained concrete floors take weeks to install

Before you choose to install stained concrete floors, you need to find ways to minimize these cons.

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