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Durability, Trust, Commitment To Quality Garage Installation. That’s what we live by. 

Seriously.. If you check out some of this stuff being sold at any of the big box stores, you are going to be in trouble. 

A majority of our work actually comes from people that rhyme’s with “petroleum” Except it starts with Rust.. Get it? 

Anyway.. If you live in Babylon, Paint or standard materials peel. Babylon residents need something durable that they won’t have to worry about again for 15 years, or maybe for life. We use industrial grade chemicals and grind down the concrete and do prep work on the floor before laying down the epoxy. We also use flakes and a polyaspartic top coat. This makes it an industrial grade floor similar to a manurfacturing facility. Built to last. Just like the strong people of Babylon and west Babylon NY.

 A garage floor is an area exposed to abrasions, stains, chippings, and impact that can be caused by vehicles, human traffic and garage tools and equipment. For this reason, finding a durable, long-lasting, and sturdy floor that can withstand any pressures mounted on it goes a long way- something that traditional garage floors can not provide. And since there are multiple garage flooring solutions in the market, choosing the right one becomes a challenge.

Still not convinced? You can easily customize and decorate your garage floor with epoxy. The material comes in different shapes, colors, textures and designs that you can use to beautify your garage floor. However, you will require someone with knowledge, experience, and skills like us ( Babylon Epoxy) to give you a customized epoxy garage floor. And again, epoxy gives your garage floor a smooth and reflective appearance, making it easier to light up the whole garage with only a few bulbs.

To help you with your garage floor, we introduce to you epoxy garage floors. With this flooring solution, you will rest assured of long-term benefits. Epoxy garage floors are easier to install and maintain, which lowers costs while providing optimum results. And besides, cleaning an epoxy garage floor is the most straightforward task you will ever experience in your garage. This explains why the flooring solution has gained immense popularity in every corner of the world in both residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Epoxy Garage Floor Design

Epoxy gives you control of your garage floor. With the many colors, designs, shapes, and textures, you can customize your garage -just the way you want. For many who have adopted this flooring solution, it is a dream come true. But, it takes the right epoxy contractor, like Babylon Epoxy, to give your garage floor an elegant appearance.

Epoxy Garage Floor Maintenance

Maintaining your floor not only saves you cost but also makes your surface safe for use while making it last longer. This is helpful, especially in places that receive high traffic like garages.

If you have been struggling to keep your garage floor in good shape – all in vain, it’s time to switch to an epoxy floor. This flooring solution is the easiest to maintain, unlike others that require costly maintenance. You only need a piece of soft cloth or paper towel to wipe up vehicle drippings and oil spills.

Still, you can use ammonia, hot water, and soap to remove sticky dirt and debris on the surface. The cleaning tools like the dust mop and the bristle brush can be purchased from any local home improvement center.

Epoxy Garage Floors Done The Right Way, For Our Fellow Babylon, NY. Residents

Most people are shifting to epoxy garage floors due to the many benefits that come with the flooring solution. Apart from being easier to install, maintaining garage epoxy floors will cost you close to nothing.


 What’s more appealing is the different colors, designs, shapes, and textures that come with epoxy, making it easier to personalize and add some decor to your garage floor. And again, epoxy garage floors are very durable, and if well-maintained could last for decades.


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