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Floors are among the essential parts of any building, be it commercial, industrial, or residential. However, finding the right flooring solution at times becomes very challenging. You have to consider factors like durability, performance, cost of installation, among other things.


Epoxy floors top the list for the best flooring solutions. The increased popularity is as a result of the many benefits that come with epoxy flooring solutions.


But despite the popularity, there is always someone left behind. To help such people understand the need and importance of epoxy floors, let’s start by enlightening them about epoxy.

What is Epoxy

Epoxy is a flooring material that has continued to gain immense popularity worldwide. The material contains hardening and resin chemicals mixed to form a sturdy plastic floor. The mixture is then poured on a prepped, smoothed concrete floor and allowed to harden.

Epoxy floors

After drying, the liquid mixture (epoxy) turns into a solid protective barrier on the concrete surface. This makes your concrete surface resistant to things like water, oil, vehicle drippings and industrial chemicals.

What’s more, epoxy gives your floor a shiny and attractive appearance. And since it comes in multiple colors and designs, you can easily personalize your surface.

Types of Epoxy Application

Solid Color

Solid color epoxy is the most durable type of epoxy application which is why most people are switching to it.

The application involves solidifying the surface using a hardener to create a bond with concrete substrates. This application can last for as long as 20 years if well installed and maintained.

And again, solid color epoxy can be used as a sealant when using other types of epoxy applications.

However, the only downside about this epoxy is that it has a high viscosity which makes it challenging to apply on a concrete surface.


Metallic epoxy is a mixture of a yellowing epoxy and a metallic pigment applied on a concrete surface to create a 3D illusion. It involves the use of powdered elements including copper, aluminium, and bronze, to give your concrete surface an elegant appearance.

If well maintained, metallic epoxy flooring can last for as long as three decades. This explains why they are used mostly in commercial and industrial spaces. However, if the surface receives high foot traffic, the lifespan can reduce to a decade or two.

To achieve the desired results with this epoxy application, proper installation is essential. For Proper installation, involve an experienced contractor in epoxy floors like Babylon Epoxy.

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake is not an epoxy application, but an approach to applying the epoxy. It offers a great solution to add beauty to your home or area of business.


In this application, flakes or chips are added to the epoxy while it’s wet to make it elegant. The chips come in different colors, shapes, sizes and texture to give your epoxy flooring a vibrant look. This also makes it easier to customize your flooring based on your taste and preferences.

Application of epoxy flakes occurs mainly in showrooms, commercial kitchens, sports venues, and locker rooms among other places.

Self Leveling

This is the most straightforward application of epoxy floors, and when being applied, it spreads and levels itself making your work effortless. It is suitable for use on both old and new concrete structures.

The application is slip-resistant- yet it maintains a shiny, smooth appearance- which is why it is mainly used in industrial and commercial areas. The smooth surface eases the movement of objects on the floor.

 Also, self-leveling epoxy is best for designing and decorating concrete floors as it comes in multiple colors. This makes it easy to personalize your floor by adding features like business logos, and also marking workspaces.


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Residential Epoxy Garages

Oils spills, vehicle drippings and other types of stains make it daunting to maintain a garage floor. Besides, heavy-weight vehicles can easily damage a garage floor which increases maintenance costs.

Being a service centre, you expect a garage floor to hold every type of maintenance tools and equipment for vehicles.

The good news is that residential epoxy garage floors are the solution to all these needs. The surface is durable and offers any resistance needed to keep your floor safe. Besides, the shiny reflective feature makes it easier to illuminate your garage with only a few lights on.

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