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Make a Great First Impression

If you have a dull commercial concrete floor, you may be mistaken to think that you have no better way to improve it. Maybe you think that you need a contractor to install a new concrete floor and then coat it with a better finish that can make a great first impression to your potential customers, suppliers, and other business partners. That is not true. Whether you are in a business owner or not, you can craft a polished concrete finish with your existing slab that matches the feel and look that you have in mind at an affordable cost.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a process that involves the use of diamond-segmented abrasives to grind down concrete floor surfaces to the perfect degree of smoothness and shine. Like when sanding wood, the concrete polish manufacturer gradually progresses from the coarse grit to fine grit abrasives. Here, the objective is to ensure that we achieve a glossy mirror-like finish.

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Contractors use either dry or wet methods to polish concrete. Each of these methods has its unique benefits. However, dry concrete polishing is the most popular option. It is much faster, environmentally friendly, and more convenient. With wet concrete polishing, water is required to cool the abrasives and do away with the grinding dust.

Given that water acts as a lubricant and reduces friction, it extends the diamond polishing abrasives’ lifespan. But this method creates a lot of slurries that crews have to collect and dispose of appropriately. The labor requirement often significantly increases the cost. Dry concrete polishing does not require water but uses the floor polisher that safely vacuums up all the mess within a short period.


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Diverse Options

One of the main things that surprise many new customers is the sheer range of concrete polishing finishes that they can choose from at any given time. The high-gloss finish is largely regarded as the Wow factor finish. Many people tend to share it on social media more frequently. But there is also the medium-gloss finish, and the matte finish, which many other people find quite useful.

Other than the wide variety of available concrete finishes, here are other chief attractions to these floors.

Stain Resistant

Industrial facilities, retail stores, and commercial spaces are some entities that choose polished concrete due to its stain resistance. However, many liquids, especially those with low pH value, cannot etch these floors. 

That means if you leave laundry soaps, acids, and other caustic or acidic substances on your polished concrete floor for a while, it could stain it. The fact that only a limited number of liquids and chemicals can stain them is a big plus. Other than that, you can also remove the stains with great ease.

Reduced Electric Bill

Polished concrete naturally reflects light. As such, when you install them, you can start using fewer bulbs, and the house will remain perfectly illuminated. If you have a large house and value the shimmering effect that boosts both artificial and natural light, choose polished concrete with a high-gloss finish. As you reduce the number of bulbs, you will save a lot of money on power.

The ability of polished concrete to reflect light and heat can also reduce your electric bill during the summer or hot days. Your property’s interior condition will remain cool when the weather outside is unbearable, eliminating the need for many cooling systems.

Relaxed Maintenance

The process of keeping your concrete polish is good shape is simple. It involves establishing a regular sweeping and mopping routine, which is the most effective way of minimizing the chances of staining and tear and wear. The best routine should include the following:

  • Cleaning Spills Immediately

The longer the liquids with high pH sit on your concrete floor, the more likely it will be stained. You can avoid that from happening by acting fast whenever you notice a spillage.

  • Removing Large Debris by Hand

Large moist debris can also damage your floor. The risk increases when you remove the waste using devices that can spread the dirt to new sites.

  • Dusting Mopping Multiple Times per Day

Dirt left on the floor can dull its finish with time. When you mop the dust every day, you reduce their chances of sitting on the floor and discoloring it.

  • Regular Auto Scrubbing

Regularly auto-scrub polished concrete floor using cleaners that are designed specifically for that purpose. Also, ensure you dilute the cleaners per the manufacturer’s instructions. What’s more, use the recommended soft cleaning pad and a mop that enables you to reach the areas that are too small for the auto-scrubber to access.

Slip Resistant

Even though polished concrete floors are shiny, you will not slip when walking on them. The process of flattening the floors helps to increase friction.

But you may slip if the floor is dusty. Given that the floors are easy maintenance, the chances of slipping and falling when walking on the floor is incredibly small.

Concrete polishing can bring strength, color, and shiny qualities to your floors, transforming them into attractive and long-lasting surfaces. If you want a trusted team of experts to install or help you maintain the polished concrete floors, Babylon Epoxy Floors is the best for the job. With many years of experience and a pool of well-trained concrete polishing screws, we are always prepared to remove the dry-drab surface and replace it with high-quality concrete. That is not all. If you need any concrete polishing service, we are here for you. We will ensure your floors look and feel much better than before.

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