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Babylon Epoxy Floors continues to make massive strides in the building and construction industry. We provide epoxy flooring solutions that meet industry standards. Our team of epoxy flooring experts comprises individuals with excellent skills and many years of experience. Every flooring project requires a certain level of uniqueness. For that reason, we use a distinct and unique approach to deliver seamless floors that are customized to the unique needs of our clients.

At Babylon Epoxy Floors, we value quality. That is why we use high-quality epoxy products at all times. Good quality epoxy products assure durability and an impressive finish. Above all, we always have the clients in mind and strive to satisfy their needs beyond expectations. Our proven track record is founded on excellent artistry, trust, and utmost dedication to serving our clientele. We pride ourselves on the ever-growing number of clients whose trust and confidence in our servicing is resolute.


Not only do we install epoxy floors but also stained and polished floors. When it comes to stained and polished floors, you have a wide variety of colors and designs from which to choose. Regardless of your choice, we stop at nothing in ensuring your floor is transformed into a beautiful and durable space.

Here’s What We Promise:

Quick and Convenient Projects

The project ought to be completed on time. Therefore, we create a project schedule outlining specific tasks and the timelines within which the tasks should be finalized. The crew working on a particular project adheres to the set timelines. That speeds up delivery and averts the likelihood of protracted completion of projects.


We understand the floor installation process disrupts business. Therefore, we minimize disruptions to the minimum by working at times that are convenient for you. Our team is flexible enough and works on holidays and weekends when your business transactions are minimum.


As a homeowner, you want a floor installation approach that is customized to your needs. Babylon Epoxy Floors gives you the power to choose the colors and design you want for your home. However, we know what can work best for you and can advise when you are torn between different colors and designs. The result is a floor that lasts long, easy to maintain, and pleasing to the eye.


Our flooring services are customized to fall within your financial capacity. We have different packages to ensure we cover as many customers as possible. Besides, our prices are competitive, vis-à-vis what our competitors charge. We advise you on the perfect combination of materials and designs that can work for you without straining your budget.

You need value for your money when you hire a flooring expert. We have heard many complaints from landholders who received a raw deal from people they thought could satisfy their flooring needs. It is vital to ensure the contractor you settle on to install your epoxy floor or any other type of floor is qualified and reliable. In all modesty, Babylon Epoxy Floors is the perfect choice for you.

Do you need an epoxy floor? We have a specialized mix of colors and designs just for you. Getting spoilt for choice is guaranteed. Babylon Epoxy Floors transform your concrete floor into the floor of your dreams. We would be glad to be apprised of your flooring needs. We have what it takes to satisfy the needs, whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial premises owner. Talk to us today!


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When looking for a contractor to install or repair your epoxy floor, you have to consider factors like location, experience and cost. That, and more, is what we bring on the table when you hire us. Choosing an epoxy floor contractor shouldn’t be a hard task. Our expert teams are waiting for you to call so we can get started with your project. You’ll be glad you reached out to us!

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